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What is Light Pollution?

Light pollution is any adverse effect of man-made light, including:

• Glare – Insults the eye, constricts the pupil so you cannot see into shadows.

• Light trespass – When light crosses property lines. The spillover of light where it is unwanted and unneeded. A neighbor’s unwelcome light can reduce the value of one’s property.

• Sky glow – Light that is allowed to stray sideways or upwards and reflect off clouds and dust particles. It blocks our view of the stars and planets.

• Energy waste – The US spends over $3 billion per year in energy costs from wasted light. The power plants that produce the energy produce greenhouse gasses adding to global warming.

• Light Clutter – Using several light colors in one area of view.

Sources of Light Pollution:

• 30% to 50% of all light pollution is produced by roadway lighting that shines wasted light upwards and outwards.