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ASLO 2017 Town Hall Event “Flushing our Future”

ASLO 2017 Town Hall Event
“Flushing our Future”
Monday, February 27, 2017
1:00 pm-2:30 pm
Hawaii Convention Center (Room 306 A)


This town hall event will connect and engage scholars, other experts, community members, students and decision-makers in the examination of the status of wastewater treatment in Hawaiʻi.

 Hawaiʻi provides a tractable model from which to generate solutions to wastewater management in a world experiencing rapidly changing climate, population growth and ageing infrastructure.  Aging and failing cesspools, increasingly large episodic storms, and sensitive environments combine to create a “perfect storm,” a combination of factors that together result in unprecedented challenges in Hawaiʻi’s wastewater management. This leads to impacts on beaches and aquatic resources, difficulty pinpointing sources of waste contamination, homeowners burdened with upgrade costs, and difficulty navigating the waste treatment regulatory environment.

The event will include a presentation framing the challenges and current efforts from a multi-disciplinary perspective, followed by small group brainstorm and discussion. 

The framework of this event will include:
1.    What is the Problem? Present challenges from disciplinary perspectives
2.    What is currently being done?
3.    What could be done?